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Eldest Souls

Fallen Flag Studios

Credits: Sound Design, Music, Fmod Implementation

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Are you looking for sound, music or implementation for your indie game?

As a game audio outsource company, we can scale to meet your project scope or fully integrate into your development team.

With a breadth of experience in the indie game scene, we’re always on the look out for interesting projects to collaborate on.

What’s better than one audio pro working on your project? How about a whole team!

Sergio Ronchetti-Whittington headshot

Sergio Ronchetti

Creative Director

Joel Grant headshot

Joel Grant

Production Engineer

Valentin Spiegel headshot

Valentin Spiegel

Sound Designer


I've been delighted with the quality of work and speed of iteration we've had working with Sergio and his team. As a double BAFTA-nominated indie studio it is important we collaborate with creative who bring a special spark to the table and are themselves driven to create amazing game worlds, with Sergio and his team we get just that.

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, Polygon Treehouse

Double Jump Audio’s dedication to craft and their role as an integral part of our development team have been invaluable. They consistently seek out solutions to optimize the quality and efficiency of our pipeline, ensuring that we deliver top quality assets to our player base on time and on budget.

Francesco Barsotti, Fallen Flag Studio

Rail Route

Indie Celebration Award, Digital Dragons Festival 2021 (finalist)

Eldest Souls

Retro Roots, Pixel Awards Europe 2020 (winner)

Best Action Game, Dreamhack 2020 (winner)

Best Indie Game Gamescom 2019, Elite Gamer (winner)

Best Audio for an Indie Game, G.A.N.G. Awards 2022 (nominated)

Excellence in Audio, Dev Gamm 2020 (nominated)

Grand Prize, Dev Gamm 2020 (nominated)

Best of E3 2019, TechRaptor (nominated)

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